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School Is In

Say goodbye to a wonderful summer vacation, and say hello to school and the approach of the fall season.

Let's all start the school year with a main goal set in place; that is to do our very best at what ever positive gouls we sat out to accomplish.

Have a safe and happy school year.

Inspirational quote by me Patricia A. E. Hampton



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Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for some more books by me Patricia A.E. Hampton. Have a safe and fun summer. And stay tuned for more Writers At Their Best Blog 


May 29, 2019 marks the 2-year publishing date on Amazon of Hello This Is Us. To kick this

celebration off, You can purchase the paperback edition for only $7.99 starting May 15, 2019 with

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He Died For Our Sin's. 3rd Day He Rise.

Happy Easter 

Please Be Cautious

It was brought to my attention that someone was sponsoring an author event under my name. I haven’t established any author events of any kind as of yet, and I am the only one that does any type of planning for my authorship being that I am a self published author. 
In the event that I would arrange such meetings, it will be announced by me here on my blog site or social media. So please be cautious, if there any announcements of any recent events, please call it to my attention. Thanks for your time.

Patricia A. E. Hampton

Too Much Tragic

We here too many times how people have made a change for the best for their lives as well as for a community, and how some of these people have lost their lives due to the hate of others not wanting to see a positive change for the best. For example, the recent tragic of a young man known to millions as Nipsy Hussel in the music entertainment industry that was highly publicizedin the media as to how this young man was in a gang, and used his talents to help a community that he grew up in, and his life was taken away form him. Just for trying to make a positive change for the better. Another person that we are all familiar with through history was Dr. Martin Luther King and how he fought for civil rights among all and was assassinated for his efforts. Two people from two different backgrounds and era and time. But with the same motto. “To make a change.”
How sad and horrible that these people are to be so inhuman and not to want to see changes that not only can help the targeted sourc…

My Age Will Be Original Again

Four days left to receive a $7.00 discount on Hello This Is Us. Available at Amazon for $10.99   a $17.99 Value.

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Writers At Their Best is a blogspot for author and readers and all others. My bloggers are very important to me, as well as your likes,shares, and comments. Your likes, shares and comments are a vital part of blogging so please give this site a like, share and comment to any post that you view.

A New Twist For A Book

A new twist for a book is this witchful story of a fairy with a true meaning for the kid’s. A Witchful

Friend is now available on Lulu with a larger body this time. How large? Try this 8.75 x 10.75 with a

hardcover case wrap body. Yours for only $24.99        6 x 9  with Duskjacket    $46.35          Kindle $2.99

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Easter Bunnies & Peppa Pig Hunt

Kid's have a hunt of fun with these exciting Easter books of some of the most famous characters of all time. Start your hunt now! Here on Writers At Their Best

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Talking Wear

Books, audio equipment,TV entertainment all have just about the same in common. Books tell a story which is another form of communication, audio equipment, such as a radio, ipad, podcast, And a TV with your favorite show. All of these things talk to you and send a message of good or bad.

Out of our wildest imagination, and something that we never thought of that can talk to us, Is a fashion wear loved throughout this world. Can you guess what this fashion wear can be? And can be also of some good entertainment to you and to others.Well your guess is over. T-Shirts bring in some interesting messages that could be fun, sociable, as well as educational. We buy these fashions not realizing how communicating they can be; and as a result, it' just becomes an everyday wear. Something to wear for the day with that favorite pair of jeans. Or just for the fun of it.

Now I want to introduce you to a new friend of mine that is full of communicative fun.A friend for all ages in time. Introduc…

My New Body

A Special Message From Me, Patricia A. E. Hampton

Now that I have lived in the digital world of new and improved space technology, I have made a new transformation. A transformation back in time that was once the only body that was known to human kind. Within my journey back in time, I have come to recognize that space technology isn't the only crave within this new era and time and that the body is in the eyes, soul, and spirit of the beholder. If you're one of these that have a preference for an old style body. You've come to the right place. Welcome to my new body. A Witchful Friend Now Available as a 6 x 9 Hardcover w/Duskjacket. Coming Soon.  

A Witchful Friend An Amazing Tail Of ... By Patricia A. E. Ha...

I Have A New FaceLift.

Out with the old , In with the new. Hello This Is Us, by me Patricia A. E. Hampton has a new look.

. This special facelift promotion is for a limited time only on sale now at a

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Who's Footsteps

Who’s Footsteps Walking in your own footsteps could lead to success; so long you are walking in the right path. It’s ok to walk in the footsteps of others; so long their footsteps are clean and can guide you on a positive path. It’s also ok to seek advice before you stumble along the road, so long it’s of great value to you that will steer you in the right direction and will not lead you to a destructive live. Friends are only friends when they have positive mindset that will not persuade you to a life of hell. Quote By Me, Patricia A. E. Hampton

Honoring Black History Month

Thanks to all the past and present supporter’s that helped in the fight to create equal justice for all. We as people of today know that these past plagues still hunt us and we have to continue to fight to the very end until we can see a zero tolerance effect of racial inequality. In that day all nationalities shall stand as one, to be of the whole, and not of the divided. Written  by me: Patricia A. E. Hampton

2/14/2019 A Time For Love And Peace

Fast Bark Ambition Of Hate

They are who they are. The ungrateful, the dream stealers, and none the less, the evil demon’s that walk the planet searching for themselves with the wrong approach to life. Bad demeanors they are that are filled with a sense of destruction, and have too many boundaries with in their lives that block their own hidden gifts to become of success. They have a hidden heart that is unknown to them. That takes them to a meaningless voyage throughout time, with a passion of deceit. They pray, they pray on the spirit of the innocent and wise. For they make no peace for themselves, nor for others. They walk with a limp and talk with no tongue. Not even a voice to be heard. They indulge in the unknown that swallows their souls, an unpredictable spirit that hunts the world of the true and upmost like a silent killer that reigns the land. A never changing episode of the lost at hand. It would be of the essence for the light to shine upon them to be inspired by the truth and someday bring on a pos…


Season's Greetings!

Season's Greetings!
This time of the season brings happiness and joy to all. A silent night, that brings big  Surprises to us all in the sunrise hour;. that is, special treats from  our special and favorite persons in our lives. in celebration of the birth of  our King of all Kings who thought us how to love and share the creations he has instilled with-in some of us to help create these gifts. 
To commensurate this king on this special day we reward him with this special gift of our love and for obeying his commands for all his great works that he has enabled us to endure throughout our lives.
Quoted by: Patricia A. E. Hampton


A Friendly Day Is A Heavenly
Good food, music, and fun on some occasions helps lift the spirits of those who are in constant turmoil with the universe. For whatever reason within your life that you can't find a friend; that is, a heavenly day, remember it is only temporary.
The next hour of your life will be a joyous one. Remember when we are in sorrow, just call upon the Lord and he will dispel all your sorrows to have a friendly heavenly day. 

Quoted by Me: Patricia A.E. Hampton

New Release! Coming Soon!

Hi I am Patricia A.E. Hampton author of Hello This Is Us, A memoir of some great times that my family and I have shared while growing up in the South.

Now I bring to you my new craft entitled "A Witchful Friend" that is a christian theme based fiction children's book that will be released 12/17/2018 On Amazon. Pre-Orders are welcome. (Available on Kindle only) $2.99

Hospitality Call!

Ready for some good old Southern Hospitality? Visit my author page at:

This Is We

We are readers and writers of the world. We are the mindset of being entertained, and entertaining. The gift of knowledge, and to obtain more knowledge. We are the world, the insight of all things that happened, and to happened, the soul searchers and the soul of an everlasting fulfillment of our own destinations.

Quoted By me: patricia A.E. Hampton author of Hello This Is Us
Available at

Author Page

A Nice Day To Read

A nice smooth sunny day to brighten the mood of a writer and author, and that could also brighten the audience interest of likes. Try Hello This Is Us on this bright sunny day.

Writers Purity

Purity at its best is what makes a clean writer of good literature. For me and a lot of writers we stand on our words. To entertain the most stubborn audiences, to reach their attention in a manner that is pleasing. Memoirs, fiction and nonfiction are the choices of the audiences. Some of us are multi writers of literature and some of us prefer only a one type of writing generic. Whatever the craft of their project, It all spells out the same. Entertainment.
I am personally open to write all generic with my favorite being true story lit. Your shares, likes and comments are very important to the lives of writers. At this time I am asking for your types of generic that you most favor in reading entertainment.

See How We Do It In The Summer

See what Hello This Is Us is like during these summer months. And don't to forget to share, like and comment. Give a review on my author page at:

By me:  Patricia A.E. Hampton
We was once a reader that turned into a writer, we still read; but do our own thing through our imagination, we are purified, blessed and light hearted, we are the bomb that entertains all, the peace makers at heart, and sometimes the  cry makers, we make it to lay down the peace of your heart, the intelligence of your soul, a mortal enjoyment in your life, the fulfillment of your soul, the unknown thanking of the mind, To allow the thunder to shake your bodies and the lightening to enlighten your minds, writer is to preach as to reader is to seek two in common spirits that dwell on a sanctuary of one’s imagination, spirit and soul to enjoy the everlasting empowerment of a reader. Like, Share, Comment (This is an up to date picture of me on top)
© 2018, Patricia A. E. Hampton

Some authors have only one generic style of writing, where others have multiple generics. It’s the choice of the audiences taste, and style of what is entertaining to them and so many writers write to please the audiences taste. We all know that a memoir is an memorable event that took place in someone life, fiction is of an untrue tale, non-fiction, unlike a memoir is based on factual events or the study of a particular subject that could be very meaningful and could also teach a lesson. But did you know that some fiction stories have a realistic touch that can be based off a real life event; such as a love story of a couple's life. The story may not be based on an event that the author has experience, but events that could have taken placed in someone else’s life. This is some clues to be able to differentiate between the writing generics. Unlike writers, the audiences may have their special taste in reading materials; such as in generi…

Writers At Their Best

Five steps to take to help with preparing for a long write.

1. Find a quiet place to meditate. Meditate helps to improve your brainstorming techniques.
2. Brainstorming. brainstorming is a great way to gather all or some of your writing thoughts. I found the best technique to use is through the meditation approach which allows you to focus on creative mindsets that can later be implemented into a writing. Sounds a little off, but it works the best for me.
3. Stay organized. Staying organized is the main key for any successful writer and helps to relieve stress.
4. Be well rested. A restful mind goes a long way and helps to reduce error time.
5. A good writing environment free from distractions. This is extremely important. When you're in an environment that is distraction free you tend to become less stress and can better focus. This is also another way to avoid some errors that is associate with distractions.  
These are the 5 keys of Writers At Their Best.